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Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera
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About Dr. Toni

 Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera graduated from Life Chiropractic University located in Marietta, Georgia in 1985. She opened her first private practice in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico in 1985 and practiced there until 1994 when she relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico. During her time practicing in Puerto Rico she had the fortune to be of service to a large number of people, being the only Chiropractor on that side of the island. This experience allowed Dr. Toni to notice patterns of mental/emotional/spiritual stresses in clients that produced physical patterns in their bodies. These patterns, though similar in some cases, were specific to the individual and their responses to their lives. This intrigued her and she began to search for a means to engage these other aspects of the person that so intimately affect health and the ability to heal. Upon studying various methods, the ability to involve the client in his or her own healing journey through personal awareness was still missing. Toni believes she discovered a way to address this personal aspect of healing upon meeting Ilana Rubenfeld, founder of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method (RSM). Ilana became teacher and mentor when Toni joined the Rubenfeld Synergy Method Training Program in 1993. Graduating in 1996 from the Rubenfeld Synergy Center in New York, New York, Toni began to integrate RSM into her chiropractic practice. Toni joined the Faculty of the RSM Training Program in 1997. She presently continues to teach RSM in New York and California while maintaining her private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

When speaking of the passage from graduation in 1985 to the present time, Toni says:

Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera at her practice in Santa Fe, New MexicoUpon graduation from Chiropractic college I was astute at figuring out what was ‘wrong’ with the client using all means available. Exterior information such as exams, x-rays, nerve tracing information, motion palpation, etc. led me to plan my course of action as to how I was going to ‘fix’ them. Though successful in eliminating physical problems I became increasing dissatisfied when repeating mental, emotional, or spiritual problems led to the repetition of the physical symptoms. Thus began my transformation from ‘mechanic’ to becoming a facilitator of the client’s own healing journey. My education and experience with many different people has allowed me to now include my intuition as a most vital tool. I know that it is the life force in the body, mind, spirit and emotions of the client that does the healing. I facilitate the flow of this life force by following the subtle cues from their and my own body, mind, spirit and emotions. My goal now is to share what I have learned with other people. To assist the individual to activate their own healing capacity and to assist other professionals, whatever method they use with their clients, to use all of their resources to follow the inner wisdom of the client. In my opinion, therein lies the key to healing.

Southwest photography by Jack Parsons
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